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Pet Accidents and Odors in Carpet

If you are facing pet urine or other odor smell problem in your house and want to keep your house away from the pet odor then you can get our service by best las vegas Carpet cleaners  are one of the most experienced company in USA and top-rated in las Vegas if you want to approach us you just need to make one call our professional team will visit your location and give you the best service according to your needs if you want you can also visit our location for a free estimate.

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How Las Vegas Carpet cleaners works to remove the odors from carpet

We love our dogs at elite cleaning, but we don’t enjoy pet accidents. For the removal of pet smells and urine stains, we offer our P.U.R.T  service. P.U.R.T., or pet urine removal treatment, mixes our carpet cleaning services with an odor-removal procedure. We eliminate urine scents at their source using a specialized pet stain carpet cleaning, permanently eliminating smells! Elite cleaning can get rid of even the most difficult urine odor and spots thanks to P.U.R.T. We are best Las vegas Carpet cleaners to eliminate odor-causing chemical compounds rather than just covering urine odor. And in comparison to steaming treatment, which can aggravate urine smells, our method has proven to eliminate over 99% of pet urine smells from carpets. * Do you want to get rid of pet smells and stains from your residence? Find an elite cleaner in your region today to clean your pet’s carpet!

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Our Urine treatment removes 99 % of odor from carpet

According to studies conducted by a third-party lab, our pet urine removal treatment often removes 99% of pet pee odor from carpets. The lab determined the most typical chemical origins of the smells associated with cat and dog urine in order to carry out this test. These substances were essentially eliminated from carpet samples after P.U.R.T. process. These studies showed that P.U.R.T. beats store-bought goods and devices involved by other companies.

How our urine treatment works

  • We’ll check for any hidden urine stains first. With normal lighting, most urine deposits are hard to see or invisible. Homeowners may find it difficult to determine the source of urine odors as a result. We use a special ultraviolet laser to detect any hidden urine deposits before we start cleaning.
  • Now we’ll use our (HCE) washing method to thoroughly clean the carpet. This system penetrates carpets and needs to get rid of ingrained grime by using the force of carbonation. Urine liquid and loose particles can be eliminated from flooring using the (HCE) cleanser.
  • Finally, we’ll apply our urine treatment product to get rid of urine odors. P.U.R.T. removes the chemicals that cause smells, as compared to products that only cover it up pet urine scents. The solution removes the source of pet urine smells by soaking the carpet all the way to the floor. The aroma material in the carpets will be broken by P.U.R.T. during the next 2 to 3 days. The odors are completely removed after the area has dried! Hire Las vegas Carpet cleaners

Top-rated pet Las vegas Carpet cleaners

Elite carpet Cleaner is a professional pet odor and stain removal company that offers carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. Elite Cleaner is the world’s first and only non-toxic pet odor and stain removal company. Our products are safe for your home, pets, and the environment. We have been helping families get rid of their unwanted smells since 2003 with our patented technology. Elite Cleaner has been proudly serving Las Vegas since 2003 , making us one of the longest running companies in town!